About the website

The aim of the current website is to increase the  information available on the Internet about the Estonian economy to the world wide web, especially the foreign press and people who need this information for their work (investors).

Here you can find Estonian business news from one source. Brilliant Fixer Ltd gives general economic information to capture the big picture, you don’t find local gossip about minor affairs.

I have published here at brilliantfixer.wordpress.com the articles that I have written to The Baltic Times (1998 – 2006, less from 2003-2005) and new information about the Estonian economy that is available through the government institutions and media. Although many articles are from 2006 and before, I hope they are still interesting to read and analyze, especially for those planning to invest into countries whose economy is behind that of Estonia. Read articles from 1998 economic recession and you will get some ideas of what may happen in today’s economy.

The name of the website comes from my company name – Brilliant Fixer Ltd (Brilliant Fixer OÜ). I am no longer freelancing for The Baltic Times or any other press. I write press releases sometimes, organize seminars, marketing projects and B2B networking by introducing businesses to each other (export, import and company sales).

The aim of Brilliant Fixer Ltd is to brilliantly fix business contacts for you in Estonia (or Finland, since I live in Finland these days). You can start your business in Estonia with the help of Brilliant Fixer’s networking skills.

Kairi (Kurm) Rintanen  CV

languages: very good – Estonian, English, Russian; good – Finnish; poor – German, French



  • OÜ Brilliant Fixer, manager since 2006
  • Estonian School of Hotel and Tourism Management, marketing manager 2011-2013
  • Arruzza OÜ , consulting an agent and distributor from France 2006
  • The Baltic Times, freelance business journalist 1998 – 2006
  • Duluth Chamber of Commerce, international projects  2005
  • Estonian Trade Council, project manager 2002 – 2005
  • www.delfi.ee, editor/ chief editor of Baltic’s biggest news website 1999 – 2001
  • Estravel/ Tallink AS, tour guide to English speaking groups 1993 – 1996

Member of International Business Council of Estonia 2002-2005

Read more about the work history of Kairi Rintanen: http://www.linkedin.com/in/kairikurm

Contact: Kairi Rintanen
Telephone: +372 5133616
E-mail: kairi@1import.com

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