More hotel guests than last year in February

According to Statistics Estonia, 232,000 tourists stayed in Estonian accommodation establishments in February. Their total number of nights spent was 415,000. 52% of the tourists were foreign tourists and 48% were domestic tourists.

In total, 121,000 foreign tourists used the services of accommodation establishments. Compared to February 2019, the number of foreign tourists increased by 9%. The largest share of foreign tourists (46%) came from Finland, 13% came from Russia and 10% from Latvia. Year-on-year, the number of tourists from Russia grew by a fifth. The number of tourists from Finland and Latvia increased, respectively, by 7% and 4%.

Most foreign tourists came to Estonia for a holiday, some came on business and the rest had some other reason for visiting. Foreign tourists spent 234,000 nights in Estonia, which is 13% more than in February 2019. The majority of foreign tourists preferred the accommodation establishments of Harju county, followed by Pärnu and Tartu counties.

In February, 112,000 domestic tourists stayed in accommodation establishments and their nights spent totalled 180,000. The number of domestic tourists increased by 3% and their nights spent by 5% compared to February 2019. Most domestic tourists were on holiday and a quarter were on a business trip. They mainly stayed in Harju county, followed by Tartu, Pärnu and Ida-Viru counties.

In February, 915 accommodation establishments were available for tourists. The average cost of a guest night was 34 euros. In Tartu county, the average cost of a guest night was 39 euros, in Harju county 36 euros, in Ida-Viru county 33 euros and in Pärnu county 29 euros.

Read more from Statistics Estonia

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