Enterprises can now compare themselves in eSTAT

Statistics Estonia’s data submission environment eSTAT now allows respondent enterprises to compare their wages, profit and turnover with indicators of the same economic activity and Estonian averages. eSTAT displays personalised statistics currently to nearly 20,000 enterprises.

Andres Kukke, Statistics Estonia’s Deputy Director General for Information Technology, said that enterprises providing data often want to see what happens to their data. They are also interested in real-time feedback on the position and market share of the enterprise in comparison to other similar enterprises. “eSTAT gives personalised statistics right back to the enterprise as management information, linking the obligation to submit data and its usefulness,” explained Kukke.

In eSTAT, the profit indicator displayed is for the year and is based on the data collected with the EKOMAR questionnaire; the wages indicator is for the month and the data is collected with the questionnaire “Wages and salaries and labour force”; the turnover indicator is for the quarter and is based on data collected with the questionnaire “Economic activity”. The average indicators for Estonia and economic activities are taken from the statistical database.

Currently, the data are displayed only to eSTAT users with the relevant rights: chief executive, main user and respondent. The indicators are visible to enterprises that have the obligation to submit questionnaires EKOMAR, “Wages and salaries and labour force” and “Economic activity” and have also submitted that data (ca 20,000 enterprises this year).

“We are working to create the possibility to show personalised statistics also to the enterprises that have not been chosen to answer the survey but want to submit data voluntarily to compare themselves to others. We believe that such a comparison is interesting for all businesses. As soon as we have this option, we’ll notify of it,” said Kukke.

Statistics Estonia is a government agency. Its main task is to provide objective information on the economic, demographic, social and environmental situation and trends in Estonia. The goal of Statistics Estonia is to become by 2022 the most effective and innovative producer of reliable and user-friendly statistics in Europe.

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