New low-value coins enter circulation

In 2017 Eesti Pank is extending its stock of circulating coins and has minted additional 1, 2, 5 and 20-cent coins. The new coins will enter circulation on 7 March.

Eesti Pank has had 9 million one-cent coins minted, 4 million two-cent coins, 4.55 million five-cent coins, and 3.25 million twenty-cent coins. The total value of the new coins is 1,047,500 euros.

The design of the new Estonian euro cent coins is the same as that of other coins in circulation, except for the year marked on the coin as 2017. The coins were minted in the Mint of Finland.

The coins with the current year on them will enter into circulation from 7 March through banks and in response to demand. Uncirculated new coins are also available from the Eesti Pank museum shop and the online store.

Eesti Pank is issuing a new two-euro commemorative coin in the second half of the year, dedicated to the events leading up to Estonia’s independence 100 years ago. It is planned that 1.5 million of the commemorative coins will be issued in Estonia.

On 4 April, Eesti Pank and the other central banks of the euro area will release a new €50 banknote into circulation with a new design and new security features.

Source: Bank of Estonia


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