Rural affairs minister resigns after less than two weeks on job

On Monday night, the leadership of the Center Party had begun discussing the matter of Minister of Rural Affairs Martin Repinski continuing in his position as minister following the surfacing of two scandals involving him. Unable to reach a final decision on the matter, they planned to continue discussing the matter on Tuesday evening. Repinski preempted the final decision, however, when he handed in his letter of resignation to Prime Minister Jüri Ratas on Tuesday.

Investigative weekly Eesti Ekspress published an article the day that Ratas’ government was sworn into office alleging that the Repinski-owned Konju Organic Farm had sold goat cheese labeled as an Estonian product despite part of it being ordered from Dutch company De Molkerei. Repinski responded to the allegations by denying any fraud, claiming that no Konju Farm products sold in Estonian stores contained cheese sourced from the Netherlands.

It was then reported on Friday that the Ida-Viru County Court had found Repinski guilty of attempted fraud as a minor. According to the court judgment to which ERR had access, on Aug. 12, 2002, the Ida-Viru County Court found Repinski guilty of attempted fraud in the course of a settlement in a simplified proceeding, sentencing him to a conditional three months in prison and one year of probation. According to Repinski, he was very sorry for what he did.

Read more from ERR News


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