Jobbatical enables to find a short-term job in abroad

Estonian woman Karoli Hindriks has invented “a company that blends the concept of a job and a sabbatical, matching employers and talent for short-term jobs that might involve sending a software developer from Sweden to Thailand for a three-month jobbatical”.

One of the lucky ones was to get a job through jobbatical was Björn Lapakko from Minnesota, USA.

‘I wasn’t really looking for anything at the time but at the same time I wasn’t 100 per cent happy,’ he recalls. ‘One day, my intern suggested that I check out this website, Jobbatical.’

All of a sudden, his lifelong dream to come to Europe, not just as a backpacker but as someone who could contribute to the economy and sustain a lifestyle, became a more tangible possibility. Previously, he had applied for a few positions in Europe but when his US citizenship came up, he was promptly removed from the running. ‘Jobbatical offers a unique job hunting platform being from another country is never a shock to employers… they actually embrace it.’

Matching talented people who want to take a break from their ordinary jobs with companies who are looking for helping hands for specific projects around the world is the shorthand description of what Jobbatical does. Over its first year, 1 200 companies across 40 countries have used Jobbatical and 7 000 job applications have yielded over 300 job matches.

Read more about the company from


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