Eesti Telekom adopts Telia Eesti as new business name

AS Eesti Telekom, Estonian holding of the Scandinavian telecom group TeliaSonera, has adopted Telia Eesti as its new business name and will abandon the EMT and Elion trade marks.

The group had been planning a brand change for years, Telia Eesti CEO Dan Stromberg told Postimees. “Finally it was found that Telia is the best option because we are using it in Sweden and Denmark already, it’s easy to pronounce and to use. Besides it shows that a customer can use our services in all the Nordic countries.”

In addition to the brand change Telia Eesti will introduce a new roaming service meaning free roaming for Estonian users in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Lithuania, Finland and Latvia.

A second new service is home internet and television over the mobile network. “We can now offer our services to all these 150,000 households to whom we had to say ‘no’ earlier,” Stromberg said.

In accordance with an entry registered on Jan.19,2016, the business name AS Eesti Telekom has been dropped and the new name of the group is Telia Eesti AS, it appears from the commercial register.

Until 2014, Eesti Telekom used to be the holding company for the subsidiaries Elion Ettevõtted and EMT. As part of a reorganization of the Teliasonera group the companies were merged into AS Eesti Telekom in 2014.

Teliasonera group was established in 2002 as a result of a merger of the Telia telecommunications group of Sweden and Sonera of Finland.

Source: Baltic News Service via Estonian Review


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