ABB Estonia exported over 200 wind generators in 2016

The manufacturer of energy sector and automatics equipment ABB Eesti exported a couple of hundred wind generators with a capacity of 2 to 5 megawatts to Spain, Denmark and Germany during 2015.

“The main markets are Spain, Denmark and Germany. But we exported to countries outside Europe too, such as diesel generators for ships to South Korea,” Matti Pekkarinen, head of the electrical machines division for the Baltic countries at ABB, told BNS.

The power generators and frequency changers for wind generators are manufactured at the plant of ABB Eesti in Jüri not far from Tallinn.

“As far as manufacture and sales go, we are talking about Estonia because we have no manufacturing facilities in Latvia and Lithuania,” Pekkarinen said.

He couldn’t say how big was ABB’s revenue from Estonian exports.

Asked about ABB’s plans in Estonia for the current year, Pekkarinen said that uncertainty in the global economy is affecting also the developers of wind farms and financing of large projects has been postponed.

“Things are better in the outlook for the longer term, especially if we look at the decisions made globally and on the national level that have to do with halting climate change and support a rise in the share of renewable energy,” Pekkarinen said.

Source: Baltic News Service via Estonian Review

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