Record amount of wind energy produced in first half year

Extraordinary stability of windy weather in the first half of this year enabled the state-owned energy company Eesti Energia to produce a record amount of 124,466 megawatt-hours of wind energy during the six months, which is enough to meet the yearly consumption needs of more than 40,000 households of average size.

“We are pleased to be able to say that Estonia has reached a stage where it is able to effectively use the wind resource and produce electric energy from it in different places all over the country in an environment friendly manner,” Innar Kaasik, manager for renewable energy and small-scale CHP production at Eesti Energia, said.

Kaasik said the stability of winds this year has allowed to take the maximum out of wind power.

“Had winds taken the shape of storms, Eesti Energia would not have been able to ensure so big an output at its wind farms. It is under these kind of conditions of stable winds that we can fine-tune our equipment to yield the maximum,” Kaasik said.

Kaasik also said good wind conditions and the country’s long coastline alone would not be enough to ensure solid output if the owners of wind farms in Estonia weren’t giving proper service to their equipment.

“Where 2014 was a year poorer in wind than years here on the average, 2015 has made up for it in all respects,” he said. “Wind farms of Eesti Energia produced 124,466 megavatt-hours of electric energy during the first six months, which is more by a quarter than in the first half of 2014. By way of example, an amount of electric energy like this is consumed by 41,488 households of average consumption in a year.”

Increased production of wind energy makes it possible to save Estonian oil shale for high value-added activities, such as production of shale oil. The amount of wind energy generated during the first six months of the year is equal to the amount that can be produced by burning 146,430 tons of oil shale and releasing 117,144 tons of carbon dioxide into the air. More than 100,000 barrels of shale oil can be produced from 146,430 tons of oil shale.

Eesti Energia is the second largest wind energy producer in Estonia. The state-owned company has four wind farms, located respectively in Narva, Aulepa, Virtsu and Paldiski.

Source: BNS via Estonian Review


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