Czech science centre buys Estonian exhibition

The Ahhaa science centre based in Estonia’s second-largest city Tartu has sold its exhibition “Sail or Sink?” for 300,000 euros to a science centre in the Czech Republic from where it will be rented forward to Poland, the daily Eesti Päevaleht reports.

This is the first time for an Estonian exhibition to be sold, the paper notes.

Ahhaa started lobbying for selling or renting the exhibition last November when directors of 50 European science centres gathered in Tartu for a conference, Eesti Päevaleht says. Board member of Ahhaa Andres Juur told the paper that then a spontaneous auction was mounted which was won by a large British science centre. However, the British eventually changed their mind. After that the Czech Techmania showed interest and the agreement was signed at the end of June.

Juur declined to disclose the exact value of the agreement but said it was around 300,000 euros. However, this does not mean a big profit. “We earned back about as much as we put in with the sale,” he said but added that selling rather than renting was the right decision.

It is planned to open the exhibition in the Czech Republic already on Aug. 20.

“Sail or Sink?” that cost over 200,000 euros to mount was on display at both Ahhaa and the Seaplane Harbour in Tallinn for half a year, attracting around 275,000 visitors. It features 14 hands-on exhibits installed in large containers, where visitors can see, read and experiment with how the forces of nature act at sea and how they have influenced maritime history.

Source: Baltic News Service via Estonian Review


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