African swine fever found in Estonia

African swine fever (ASF) has spread to a third agricultural holding in Estonia’s southern Viljandi County which is only a few kilometres away from the Baltic states’ largest industrial pig farm Ekseko, the regional newspaper Sakala reports.

The Veterinary and Food Board received Monday afternoon blood test results which confirmed the presence of the disease on a small holding just a few kilometres from the Ekseko farm of the meatpacker Rakvere Lihakombinaat. Results of tests on additional samples taken from the carcass are expected on Tuesday, head of the Viljandi veterinary centre Terje Oper said.

Kerstin Aps, communications chief at Rakvere Farmid that owns Ekseko, said the company is not affected by the discovery as they have already introduced all possible precautionary measures. Asked what being included in a quarantine zone would mean for the company, Aps said she can offer no comment for the time being.

Last week ASF was found on two pig farms in Viljandi County. More than 500 pigs were destroyed. The disease has also been diagnosed on a family farm in Valga County.

ASF does not pose a threat to other animal species or humans but can be deadly for domestic and wild swine and cause massive losses to the pig farming sector.

Source: Baltic News Service via Estonian Review


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