Estonian islands get 4 new ferries

Construction of the four brand new ferries commissioned by the state-owned company Port of Tallinn to operate subsidized routes to Estonia’s large western islands is on track and the Turkish and Polish shipbuilders are to deliver the vessels in August next year.

“Construction of the new ferries is on track at the shipyards in Turkey and Poland alike, metalwork is being done, simultaneously work is being done to lay down plans for the vessels’ external design, interior design and ticket selling system,” Sirle Arro, head of the marketing and communication department at Port of Tallinn, told BNS.

“In some stages of construction, such as cutting of metal and ordering of material, they are even ahead of schedule. Our collaboration with the ships’ designer and the shipbuilders is altogether constructive,” Arro added.

Arro also said the port company expects all crew members of the ships currently sailing between the mainland and the western islands to apply for jobs on the new vessels.

On Oct. 31 last year Port of Tallinn signed contracts on the construction of four new passenger ferries for the routes between mainland Estonia and large western islands with Polish Remontowa Shipbuilding and Turkish Sefine Shipyard to build two ferries each.

The ferries are being built in shipyards located in Gdansk, Poland and Altinova/Yalova, Turkey. The 114 meters long vessels will accommodate 150 passenger cars or 12 road trains and have passenger places equipped with safety devices for 700 passengers. The new ferries are designed by the Norwegian company LMG Marin.

Source: BNS


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