482,000€ block in Tallink changes hands in early trade

The price of the share of Tallink Grupp moved up 0.69 percent as 482,000 euros’ worth of shares in the shipper changed hands in a block trade in early trade on the Tallinn stock exchange on Monday.

The three stocks seeing the biggest turnovers during the first 45 minutes were Tallink, Silvano Fashion Group and Tallinna Vesi, all of which posted gains. In the rest of the names turnover was smaller than 10,000 euros.

With a turnover of 522,000 euros that included a block trade worth 482,000 euros, Tallink rose 0.69 percent to 0.725 euros.

EU member states on Friday approved 29.3 million euros in EU funding within the 2014 CEF Transport Multi-Annual Calls for proposals to finance the infrastructure investments of the ports of Helsinki and Tallinn together with Tallink Grupp. The total cost of the planned investments is 97.6 million euros

Tallink stands to receive 4.8 million euros to commission a new environmentally friendly LNG vessel costing 230 million euros to serve the Helsinki-Tallinn line starting from 2017. The investment under TWIN-PORT II is 16.0 million euros.

Silvano Fashion Group rose 0.75 percent in early trade to 1.340 euros with a turnover of 20,000 euros and Tallinna Vesi firmed 0.76 percent to 13.20 euros in trade worth 16,000 euros.

On Friday, OMXT inched up 0.03 percent to 840.43 points and turnover from 259 transactions totaled 535,651 euros. Tallink fell 2.31 percent to 0.72 euros and turnover from 114 trades totaled 241,613 euros while Tallinna Vesi rose 0.77 percent to 13.1 euros as 135,168 euros’ worth of shares changed hands in 38 transactions.

Source: BNS


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