Estonian bus company demands the opening of Latvian transport market

The bus company Lux Express has started gathering signatures to a petition asking the Latvian government to open its domestic transport market.

According to Lux Express, the closed ticket system of domestic intercity connections in Latvia has caused stagnation in the transport sector.

Lux Express successfully operates domestic bus lines in Estonia and wishes to do the same in Latvia, its stands in the petition.

The number of passengers carried by buses of Lux Express Grupp grew almost 2.3-fold year over year to 1.65 million in 2014 and profit almost doubled to 2.5 million euros. Altogether 1,646,400 passengers travelled on routes operated by Lux express, compared with 718,200 in 2013, the increase being a result of the opening of both new international and domestic Estonian bus routes, the company said.

Source: BNS via Estonian Review


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