Number of prisoners continues declining

In 2014 the number of prisoners held in Estonian penitentiaries continued declining, and at the end of the year the number of prisoners was smaller by more than 100 and offenders on probation by 600 compared to the beginning of the year, it appears from the Justice Ministry’s annual prisons review.

According to the fresh yearbook of the prison service the number of prisoners continues to decline, spokespeople for the Ministry of Justice said. While at the beginning of the year prisoners numbered 3,026 and probationers 6,138, at the end of the year the corresponding figures were 2,921 and 5,525.

During the year no murders or manslaughters were committed in penitentiaries, while eight deaths were registered. One prisoner committed a suicide, six died of a serious illness or a health disorder and a criminal investigation was launched to investigate the death of one prisoner under the Penal Code provisions dealing with negligence resulting in death. One criminal probe was opened on suspicion of sexual crimes.

“The prison system has made a big leap forward compared to the 1990s,” Justice Minister Andres Anvelt said commenting on the results. “Work environment has changed and training as well as motivation of prison guards has improved, and prisoners are dealt with personally. This all adds up to crime inside the prison as well as the number of people returning to prison declining,” he added.

Source: Baltic News Service via Estonian Review


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