Eesti Energia considered best employer of 2014

Estonian recruitment website CV Keskus has released results of its annual worker satisfaction survey. State-owned energy company Eesti Energia has toppled last year’s winner Skype for the Best Employer title.

Eesti Energia was praised for offering good wages, challenges, a chance to make a career for oneself and for recognizing its employees for their efforts.

Top 20 employers in Estonia people want to work for (last year’s place is in brackets):

1. (2.) Eesti Energia
2. (1.) Skype Technologies
3. (20.) Transferwise Ltd Estonian Branch
4. (3.) Elion
5. (4.) Swedbank
6. (5.) EMT
7. (6.) ABB
8. (7.) Playtech Estonia
9. (9.) Microsoft Estonia
10. (12.) SEB Bank
11. (15.) Estonian Public Broadcasting
12. (-) University of Tartu
13. (11.) Kalev
14. (10.) Nortal
15. (-) Ericsson Estonia
16. (13.) Kaubamaja
17. (8.) LHV Pank
18. (18.) State Forest Management Center
19. (-) Tallinn Airport
20. (-) Baltika

The survey also showed that over third of the young people place higher value on professional development opportunities than on the salary.

A total of nearly 4,000 people took part in the survey.

Source: ERR News


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