Estonian, Latvian IT associations cooperate

The Estonian and Latvian information and communication technology associations signed on Thursday in Riga a memorandum of cooperation to develop cross-border e-services and propagate digital economic space in developing a single digital market.

“Cooperation between the countries will support and strengthen the development and spread of cross-border digital services in Latvia and Estonia alike. This is another example of the functioning of a cross-border e-business environment and a step forward in developing a digital single market in the European Union,” president of the Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications Anneli Heinsoo said.

President of the Latvian Information and Communications Technology Association Signe Balina said after the signing of the document that the possibility of signing documents electronically at the international level offers broad cooperation opportunities to both the private and the public sector.

The e-document was signed digitally at the annual conference of the Latvian association.

To date more than 189 million digital signatures have been given in Estonia and over seven million in Latvia.

Source: BNS through Estonian Review

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