State plans to increase timber sales

The State Forest Management Center (RMK) plans to increase the sale of timber as it takes over the maintainence of more forested land

RMK approved the 2015 budget with a total worth of 169.3 million euros and a planned profit of 35.2 million euros; that is over double the estimated sum for 2014.

Timber sales account for the majority of profit. RMK plans to sell 3.3 million cubic meters of timber in 2015 for 150 million euros.

The total area of the forests that RMK controls and maintains will increase at the expense of unreformed state land. As these strips of land have not been managed for a long time, they will mainly yield wood fuel. “That accounts for the increase in the sales volume, especially an increase in hacked wood and cuttings,” said Aigar Kallas, chairman of RMK’s management board.

The sale of hacked wood and cuttings will increase by an estimated 38 percent.

Nature tourism development has been allocated 3.5 million euros, 8 percent more than in 2014. That money will fund the creation and maintenance of nature trails and rest areas.

Conservation works planned for 2015 include the restoration of the hydrological regime of the habitats at the fringes of Soomaa National Park and the Endla conservation area, and further restoration of the semi-natural habitats in western Estonia and the islands.

The largest investments will go toward reconstruction of forest roads and drainage systems.

RMK is an public organization that protects and maintains the state-owned forests and other natural habitats.

Source: ERR News


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