Saaremaa businesses eyeing 25 MEUR conference center

A group of businesspeople are planning to build a 25 million euro concert and conference venue in the capital of the Estonian island of Saaremaa and are hoping to raise the necessary money from local businesses and EU funds.

“Even though the planned center is not tangible reality yet, negotiations are under way and Saaremaa businesspeople have a firm intention of building a center for international events namely in Kuressaare or near it. The aim is to host at least 40 international conferences per year, which would bring the region some 12 million euros of additional revenue,” Tullio Liblik, member of the group, said in a press release.

The main hall of the multifunctional concert and conference center would have a capacity of 1,600 seats and an overall capacity of up to 4,390. In-between major conferences it would serve as a theater, a venue for concerts, exhibitions and receptions. In addition to the main hall the facility would have several smaller conference and rehearsal rooms as well as a planetarium.

Liblik said that while the decision about the location has yet to be made, several potential sites on Kuressaare’s fringes or just outside the city boundaries were being considered. The initial draft places the center on the shore of Poduste River near the Kuressaare golf center, with a view of the sea and Kuressaare Castle.

A competition for the architectural design will be held once the detailed plan has been approved, Saare County Governor Kaido Kaasik said.

Source: BNS via Estonian Review


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