Street lighting is replaced in seven cities

In the coming weeks, replacement work of old and inefficient street lighting will start in seven Estonian cities thanks to a quota deal with Austria. A total of 11,250 lights, which are older than five years, will be replaced.
Minister of the Environment Keit Pentus-Rosimannus said that the new technological solution will be given to the people of Keila, Jõhvi, Kuressaare, Võru, Paide, Valga and Haapsalu, and all work must be completed by the end of October 2015. The total cost of the work is 15 million euros.
All cities have made 12 public procurements on the replacement of street lighting. In addition to energy-saving light bulbs, the entire lighting control system will be replaced, allowing to manage the lights of the city through an IT-based solution in the future. Electricity savings amount to nearly 5,000 MWh per year; as a result, approximately 5,500 tonnes less CO2 will be emitted.
The lighting project of seven cities is one of the biggest projects based on new technology in the field of environment in 2015. The projects are organised by SA Keskkonnainvesteeringute Keskus (KIK) (Environmental Investment Centre).
Next year, the Ministry of the Environment will invest in many projects, which are meant to improve the quality of life of people by means of green technology; in addition to street lighting projects, the modernisation of tram traffic in Tallinn is also in progress. As a whole, the Government has invested nearly 60 million euros in the modernisation of tram traffic in Tallinn. This is a part of the goal to bring all Tallinn tram lines from the last century into modern times and to extend a tram line to the airport.
Source: Estonian Ministry of the Environment

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