Estonian Register of Buildings is redesigned

Starting from 6 October the National Register of Buildings will be using a redesigned technical platform, in summer it will be additionally possible to submit applications and documents conveniently and electronically through the register.

According to Maria Ševeljova, Head of the Building and Housing Department, the current Register of Buildings is both functionally and technologically outdated as it has remained unchanged already since 2003. „At the first stage of redesigning of the register we are adopting a new technical platform,“ explained Ševeljova. „At the second stage that will be implemented in summer it is planned to introduce web-based register entries, for instance, application for, processing and issue of a building permit or permit for use. The Register of Buildings has clearly lagged behind in this respect compared to other public services.“

Entries of the Register of Buildings will become electronic together with the coming into effect of the Building Code which is currently in the legislative proceeding of the Riigikogu. It should be implemented on 1 July 2015 according to the Draft Act.

Also application forms will be changed from 1 October and no applications will be accepted on old forms from that date.

The Register of Buildings keeps account of buildings. The website of the Register presents technical information on buildings, and documents (including building permits and permits for use) submitted in connection with the buildings. The information has been submitted to the register mainly by local governments. The Register of Buildings is managed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications. More than 900,000 buildings have been entered in the Register of Buildings, including information on 670,000 buildings.

Source: Estonian Ministry of Economics and Communications

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