Russia bans Estonian dairy and fish products import

The Russian plant and animal health agency Rosselhoznadzor has removed import restrictions from a number of Estonian companies, with bans on five companies still in force.

Rosselhoznadzor lifted bans from four dairies and fishery companies in January and three more in March, allowing the companies to export to Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

The temporary import restrictions were announced on December 25 on five dairy and six fish packing companies, and became effective January 9.

Two other restrictions slapped on companies in November also remained in place while a new ban, on fish producer TÜ Eesti Kutseliste Kalurite Ühistu, will take affect on July 15. Rosselhoznadzor said it needs to check the company’s produce in its laboratory.

Estonian fish products are traditionally popular in Russian markets and Russia has a heavy reliance on EU producers for food.

Source: ERR News