Tallinn beer festival Õllesummer 9-12.07.2014

Yesterday, immediately after the finishing chords of the Song Festival, the works to put together the 21st beer festival Õllesummer started. The entire festival must be fully prepared by Wednesday at 5 p.m. The event is estimated to attract more than 50 thousand visitors during its four days.

This week more than 3000 workers will be involved with Õllesummer. Tens of trucks will deliver seven stages, tens and tens of sound and lighting systems, and furniture for cafes, bars and restaurants.

Traders will bring more than 300 refrigerators to the Song Festival grounds, which will keep cool more than one hundred thousand litres of drinks and more than 40 tonnes of food. At Õllesummer a total of 225 beer varieties from 20 states will be presented. A total of 72 places to eat will be erected on the festival grounds.

The organiser asks all patrons to reserve plenty of time and prefer public transport. Paid parking lots are open by the building of Estonian Exhbitions and near the Lasnamäe gate. Each day of the festival, there will be special buses of Õllesummer departing at 00.45 to the centre and at 1.30 to Mustamäe and Õismäe.

The police asks to follow temporary traffic signs and instructions of traffic organisers.

Õllesummer asks all visitors to not take with them video cameras and professional photo cameras (all cameras with a screwable scope). This was requested from the organiser by foreign artists.


Tickets are sold here – http://www.piletilevi.ee/eng/tickets/festival/ollesummer/ollesummer-2014-31718/

Program is here – http://www.ollesummer.ee/eng/program

Festival homepage


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