Finland and Estonia continued their negotiations on gas projects

Representatives of the respective Ministries of Economic Affairs of Finland and Estonia and the project developers Gasum, Alexela and EG Võrgu-teenus (Estonian Gas network service) deliberated on the progress in the projects involved with the planned gas pipeline to connect both countries, in Helsinki on May 22.

It is the goal of the Estonian and Finnish governments and enterprises to build a regional gas terminal on the shores of the Gulf of Finland, and the Balticconnector which would connect the natural gas transmission networks between the Baltic States and Finland.

The participating parties took the view that Alexela and Gasum have made progress in their negotiations regarding the liquidised natural gas terminal, and that obviously terminals will be built on both sides of the Gulf of Finland. At the same time EG Võrguteenused and Gasum will continue with the development of the Balticconnector.

In June a proposal containing the solutions shall be submitted to the European Commission in order to obtain the approval for the suitability of the solutions, which is required for the participation in the qualifying round for the European Projects of Common Interest initiated for the improvement of a reliable energy supply in Europe. The solutions must be conforming for the participation in the first qualifying round which will be opened this summer.

Source: Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications


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