Defence forces buy military equipment for 111 mEUR

Minister of Defence Urmas Reinsalu approved on March 14, 2014 the MoD’s 2014 procurement plan, under which more than 100 million euros worth of weaponry, equipment and ammunition will be procured for the Defence Forces this year.

On the basis of the National defence development plan prepared 2013-2022, the procurement plan has a total volume of 111.5 million euros, making up 29.04 percent of the 2014 defence budget.

According to Minister of Defence Reinsalu, the steady commitment to maintaining defence spending at 2 percent of GDP will ensure that Estonia can allocate one-third of its defence budget for procurements of new weaponry and equipment. “This distribution of the defence budget allows us to equip and arm the Defence Forces’ current wartime units and start developing the new major capabilities in subsequent years, such as, for instance, procuring new infantry fighting vehicles,” said Reinsalu.
The largest part of the procurement plan will be spent on purchasing wartime equipment and stocks for the Defence Forces reserve units, for which purpose nearly 45 million euros worth of communication equipment, trucks and other vehicles, ammunition, engineering equipment, night vision equipment, indirect fire control devices, uniforms, personal equipment, bulletproof vests etc will be procured.

More than 13 million euros will be spent in 2014 on the ammunition, anti-tank missiles, uniforms and explosives needed to ensure the Defence Forces’ peacetime training activities, and nearly three million euros will be spent on procuring equipment for the Defence League’s territorial defence units.

The largest one-time expenses in the 2014 procurement plan – over 6 million euros in the case of each procurement – will be spent on making the scheduled instalments for the Ground Radar 403 mid-range air surveillance radar contract signed in 2009 and the SISU XA-188 armoured personnel carrier contract signed in 2010. To a lesser extent, procurements for purchasing the navigational devices and other equipment needed at Ämari air base will continue.

Close to 14 million euros will be spent in 2014 on scheduled repair and maintenance of the Defence Forces’ existing heavy weaponry, vehicles and equipment.

Source: Ministry of Defence Public Relations Department via Estonian Review



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