New party founded in Estonia

At the initiative of MEP Kristiina Ojuland the foundation meeting of Estonia’s new party, newly named Erakond Uhtne Eesti (Unitary Estonia), took place on Thursday in Kaberneeme, Harju County, spokespeople for the party said.

A total of 27 active people from different parts of Estonia were present and they were all joined by a wish to change today’s situation in Estonia where the gap between the authority and the people is deepening.

“Our choice of name is supported by the fact that the production Uhtne Eesti Suurkogu by theater NO99 that took place in 2010 was the first to draw attention to the more important areas that need changing in our country,” Ojuland said when the final version of the name became clear.

“To exactly those topics from which our party Unitary Estonia originates when improving the Estonian society. The more we looked with our followers at the connections of that name, the more it became clear that we couldn’t find a name that carries our principles more,” she said.

At the foundation meeting a temporary 10-member board was chosen for the new party, as well as the program committee and its leader. Further meetings will take place in work groups according to the program’s main topics.

“Everybody who shares the principles of Unitary Estonia, which we will introduce in detail after we the party’s program has been approved, is welcome to join the founders,” Ojuland said.

Source: Estonian Review / BNS

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