Municipalities near Tallinn losing residents

Local governments located around Tallinn are suffering because more residents decide to register as residents of Tallinn in order to use the benefits such as free public transport, writes Postimees.

While Tallinn had 393,232 residents in 31 December 2011, it now has over 430,000 people in its register.

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Mayor of Tallinn to earn 4,420 euros a month

The council of Tallinn last week adopted a regulation by which the Mayor of Tallinn Edgar Savisaar will earn 4,420 euros a month starting from 2014.

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Cinemas terminate merger plan

Owners of Estonia’s two leading cinema operators announced their joint decision to terminate the agreement made in July under which Forum Cinemas wished to acquire Solaris Kino in order to expand its activities in Estonia.

The parties confirmed that the main reason for terminating the agreement was opposition of the Competition Board to the transaction.

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