49 mEUR worth of Estonian kroons still unexchanged

At the start of November there was a total of 49 million euros worth of Estonian kroons still unexchanged, with 42 million euros in banknotes and 7 million euros worth of coins. During November kroons worth about 125,000 euros were returned to Eesti Pank. In 2011, 318 million euros worth of kroons were returned to Eesti Pank, in 2012 3.5 million euros worth, and in the first eleven months of 2013 1.8 million.

Kroons can be exchanged for euros at Swedbank and SEB cash handling outlets across Estonia until the end of 2013. From 2014 it will still be possible to exchange kroons for euros at Eesti Pank at the rate of 15.6466 with no service fee.

People who live outside Tallinn and who want to change kroons for euros near to their home will be able to do so only until the end of December. From January kroons can be exchanged for euros at the central rate with no fee and in unlimited amounts at the Eesti Pank Museum in Tallinn. The Eesti Pank Museum is open from Tuesdays to Fridays 12-17 and on Saturdays at 11-16.

In January and February it will be possible to exchange Latvian lat banknotes for euros at the central exchange rate and with no service fee in the museum of Eesti Pank. Latvian coins will not be exchanged in Eesti Pank. The daily limit per person and per transaction is 1000 euros.

Source: Bank of Estonia

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