Estonia’s largest media companies sue each other

The nation’s two largest media companies, Ekspress Grupp and Eesti Meedia, are accusing each other of breach of contract and are likely to go to court, writes Äripäev.

Ekspress Grupp, a listed media group which publishes Eesti Ekspress weekly, Eesti Päevaleht daily and Delfi, among others, is claiming that Eesti Meedia, the owner or Postimees, has impeded its purchase of the tabloid SL Ohtuleht, magazine publisher Ajakirjade Kirjastus and delivery company Express Post, that are co-owned by Ekspress Grupp and Eesti Meedia.

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Estonians working abroad sent home 34 mEUR

Estonians working abroad sent home 34.3 million euros in the first nine months of 2013, Estonian central bank reports.

Last year in the same period Estonians sent home 34.4 million euros or about 100,000 euros more. In 2012 they sent to Estonia a total of 43.1 million euros.

The statistic is possible to be gathered based on how people declare their international payment orders, but it also has to be taken into account that money is sent home using other channels than money transfers which is why estimations are used to put together the statistic, a spokesperson for the Bank of Estonia, Ingrid Mitt, told BNS.

“We use the simplified model of the Irish central bank for estimations in the statistics of the Bank of Estonia because in Ireland foreign workforce has been studied the most and we are incorporating it into Estonian conditions,” Mitt added.

Foreigners working in Estonia have sent home 3 million euros in the first nine months of 2013 which is 200,000 euros more than during the same period last year.

In the European Union as a whole foreign workers sent home 38.7 billion euros of which 10.3 billion euros was sent to other EU member states and 28.4 billion euros moved outside the union. According to Eurostat in the last four years the volumes and proportions of payments haven’t changed much.

Source: BNS via Estonian Review