Schibsted reports a notable loss from sale of Eesti Meedia

Norwegian media group Schibsted has announced that it is recording an one-off EUR 26m loss as a result of the sale of Eesti Meedia, writes Äripäev.

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Finance minister: budgets to rise across the board

Finance Minister Jürgen Ligi said after the Cabinet’s state budget meeting yesterday that all administrative areas would receive more funds in 2014.

“In principle, we can say that all administrative areas will get more money, if we discount one-off CO2 funds and EU funds which will decline next year due to the new financial period. But most will get more money, nevertheless. The allocations have different levels of significance, in that sense the specific growth figures are not that important,“ Ligi said.

Ligi would not give any specific figures, although Prime Minister Andrus Ansip has said the budget will grow by 200-300 million euros, reaching 8 billion euros.

“We debated and generally made progress. The budget’s sums have more or less begun to fall into place. We already know how much money we have and the priorities are salary and pension raises. We must free up more money for the pay raises, but, as usual, there are other requests for more money as well,“ Ligi told ERR radio.

But compulsory costs will also grow, the minister said.

“Compulsory costs always take up the biggest chunk, but often it is just imagined that the costs are indeed unavoidable, that everything that has been must remain in place and increasingly more money must be requested. That is the tough part of putting the budget together,“ Ligi said

Source: Estonian Review / ERR