Tallinn to get a Hilton hotel

Olympic Entertainment Group, the Estonian gaming operator, announced today it will develop a new upscale hotel to be operated by Hilton Worldwide in Tallinn.

The new hotel under the Hilton Hotels & Resorts brand will replace the current Reval Park Hotel & Casino in Tallinn.

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Russian businessman acquires hunting estate of a former KAPO officer

Alexander Tarasenko, a 38-year-old businessman from Moscow acquired at the action the real estate that belonged to former prominent KAPO official Indrek Põder who is convicted of bribery, writes Eesti Ekspress.

Tarasenko’s company Alextar is the new owner of 1.3 hectares of residential land that includes a hunting estate plus 10 hectares of agricultural land.

The state auctioned the real estate because Põder was ordered to pay the state 180,000 euros in damages.

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Several operators keen to enter Estonian cinema market

In addition to Forum Cinemas and Cinamon, which already operate on the Estonian cinema market, New European Cinemas, an operator with Latvian background, and the Polish Multikino are also looking for opportunities to enter the Estonian market, the business supplement of Eesti Päevaleht says.

New players might be interested in Estonia because this is the busiest market in the Baltic region, manager of the Tartu-based Cinamon Iveta Kulina told the paper. Moviegoers number around 2.5 million annually.

“We are not interested in the Tallinn market but there is room for one more movie theatre in Tartu,” Kulina said adding that the southwestern city of Pärnu also is an attractive place.

Forum Cinemas, a subsidiary of Finland’s Finnkino, announced on Wednesday plans to acquire the Tallinn-based Solaris Kino. The parties signed preliminary agreements concerning the transfer of ownership and long-term rental of cinema halls on Wednesday.

Source: Estonian Review / BNS

One in three households growing own food

Almost one in three households in Estonia is growing field crops or horticultural products for their own use, data from the 2011 census and social statistics show.

During the 2010 agricultural census about 20 000 agricultural holdings and 175 000 family agricultural holdings were counted. The latter is defined as agricultural land of less than one hectare that is used for producing crops mainly for self-consumption.

Data of Statistics Estonia showed a rapid decrease in the number of family agricultural holdings in the early 2000s. An increase in their number observed since 2004 suggests that economic instability has increased interest in growing one’s own food. As could be expected, households in rural areas engage more in small-scale farming, with about a half having a plot or some domestic animals, but even so, about one in five households living in an urban community is also growing crops.

Source: Estonian Review