About 150 landfills closed, rehabilitated in Estonia

Close to 150 landfills have been closed and rehabilitated in Estonia. “Estonia has so far coped very well with rehabilitating old landfills that don’t meet requirements, considering that almost 150 landfills have been closed and reconditioned,” head of the Environment Ministry’s waste department Peeter Eek told BNS. However, it was obvious that the rehabilitation of some landfills was not going to be finished by the initial deadline, he added.

Estonia meets all the targets for reducing the landfilling of biodegradable waste set out in the landfill directive of the European Union, the deadline of which was 2016 for old member states and 2020 for new member states. In that comparison Estonia ranks among EU leaders, the ministry believes.

“The problem and also the challenge in regard to urban waste handling is the low level of classification based collection and recirculation as a material when comparing with the more successful EU member states and the 2020 deadline,” Eek said.

On 5 June the Riigikogu made changes to the Waste Act, moving the deadline for closing the landfills that don’t meet requirements from 16 July to the end of 2015.

Source: Estonian Review