Estonians develop taxation system for Finnish Tax Administration

The Finnish Tax Administration that plans to replace dozens of tax information systems with a single one has chosen a solution offered by Nortal group, an Estonian-Fnnish IT company, writes Äripäev.

At present the Finnish Tax Administration uses about seventy different tax applications. All they will be replaced by Gentax that is developed by Fast Enterprises, a US IT company, and implemented by Nortalwhich is one of the most frequently used taxation software products.

The competition was carried out in the form of a so-called negotiated procedure, where the needs of the Tax Administration were reviewed in detail with the three system providers selected in the open competition. In the final stage, IBM and the Fast-Nortal consortium submitted their offers.

IBM’s offer was rejected based on its abnormally low price. IBM has appealed the decision to the Finnish Market Court.

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