29% of people in Estonia affiliated with religion

According to the data of the 2011 Population and Housing Census (PHC 2011), 320,872 persons or 29% of Estonian population aged 15 and older are affiliated with a particular religion. This percentage has not changed compared to the previous, 2000 Census.

During the period  between the censuses, the number religions in  Estonia has increased. In 2011, 90 religious affiliations were followed  by believers. At the same time 54% of the population aged 15 and older does not  feel an affiliation to any religion. Compared to the 2000 Census, the number of  persons who did not wish to answer the question in relation to religion has  increased, accounting for 14% in total. Relation to the religion is unknown in  case of nearly 2% of the population aged 15 and older.In the 2011  Population Census the most prevalent religion among the population aged 15 and  older was Orthodoxy (16% are affiliated with it) and Lutheranism (10% are  affiliated with it).Of Estonians aged 15  and older 19% are affiliated with a particular religion, of non-Estonians –  50%.

Different ethnic  nationalities living in Estonia follow their traditional religion. Among  Estonians Lutheranism is most prevalent, 14% of Estonians aged 15 and older are  affiliated with it. 27% of Finns, 15% of Germans and 14% of Latvians living in  Estonia consider themselves Lutherans.

51% of Byelorussians,  50% of Ukrainians, 47% of Russians and 41% of Armenians feel an affiliation to  Orthodoxy.

47% of Poles and 33%  of Lithuanians living in Estonia are Catholics. Islamic religion is most  widespread among Tatars.

In urban settlements of Estonia live three times  more believers than in rural settlements, the reason for it is first and  foremost related to the ethnic composition of the population.

More detailed data can be found in the Statistical Database.

Read more from Statistics Estonia

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