Estonian wage system too hierarchical

Milvi Tepp, visiting professor of the Tallinn University in organization management, says that the Estonian wage system is too hierarchical which means that managers are usually paid more than specialists, although the latter may be much more valuable for the organization.

In an interview to Vikerraadio, Tepp said that Estonia was different from other countries because in Estonia top managers earn more than top specialists.

Tepp said that the salary should reflect the added value that the employee provides to the company, not just the job’s position in the hierarchy.

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Estonian food wholesaler charged of bribery

Two executives of AS Haljas, one of Estonia’s oldest food wholesalers, have been charged for attempt to bribe the purchasing manager of an unnamed large grocery chain, writes Postimees.

According to the charges, Bruno Pärn, a management board member of Haljas, and the company’s purchasing and sale manager Marina Piperal, proposed at a meeting with the purchasing manager of a large grocery chain that they would pay the manager every month a certain amount on sale of products supplied by Haljas.

More specifically, they offered to pay the chain’s purchasing manager between 0.5 and 1 eurocent per unit sold.

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