Retail sales increased by fifth on Christmas month

According to Statistics Estonia, in December 2012 compared to December of the previous year, the retail sales of goods of retail trade enterprises increased 5% at constant prices. In 2012 compared to 2011, the retail sales increased 7%.

In December 2012, the retail sales of goods of retail trade enterprises were 429.2 million euros. The retail sales in stores selling manufactured goods increased 5% compared to December 2011. The sales increased in four and decreased in three economic activities. The retail sales of other specialized stores, such as stores selling computers and their accessories, photography supplies, books, sports equipment, games and toys, etc., and the retail sales of pharmaceutical goods and cosmetics increased the most. Compared to December 2011, the retail sales in these stores increased 13% in both. The retail sales increased also in non-specialized stores selling predominantly industrial goods (9% growth) and in stores selling textiles, clothing and footwear (7% growth). The retail sales of second-hand goods in stores, the retail sales of household goods and appliances, hardware and building materials and the retail sales via mail order or the Internet decreased compared to December 2011.

The retail sales in grocery stores increased 3% compared to December 2011. The modest growth in retail sales of these stores was influenced by the very high reference base of December 2011.

The retail sales of automotive fuel increased 13% at constant prices compared to December 2011. Compared with previous months, the retail sales growth rate slightly accelerated, mainly due to the low reference base of December 2011 and by the deceleration in the price increase of fuel.

In December compared to November 2012, the retail sales in retail trade enterprises increased by a fifth at constant prices. This is a usual rise in December, when Christmas marketing takes place. According to the seasonally and working-day adjusted data, the retail sales increased 2%.

In December the revenues from sales of retail trade enterprises were 525 million euros, out of which the retail sales of goods accounted for 82%. Compared to December 2011, the revenues from sales increased by 10% at current prices. Compared to the previous month, this indicator increased 18%.

According to preliminary data the retail sales of retail trade enterprises were almost 4.4 billion euros in 2012, compared to 2011 the retail sales increased 7% at constant prices.

Source: Statistics Estonia

Australian authorities suspect 30 young Estonians of visa fraud

Australian authorities say there are now about thirty cases where young Estonians are suspected of identity theft with the purpose of obtaining a new visa and extend their stay in the country, writes Postimees daily.

Australia has been issuing two-year work and leisure visas for Estonian citizens. To continue their stay in Australia, some young Estonians seem to have applied for a new name in Estonia and then filed papers to obtain a visa to Australia without letting Australian authorities know that they are already in the country.

The key to the scheme is that the persons applying for a new name can do so by simply using their digital signature and must not even travel to Estonia to apply for a new name if they are residing abroad at the time.

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