Estonians conclude Moroccan oil shale agreement

Enefit Outotec Technology, a joint venture of Estonia’s state-owned energy group Eesti Energia and the Finnish engineering company Outotec, has concluded a co-operation agreement with San Leon Energy on a study of the latter’s oil shale deposit in Morocco’s Tarfaya area. One of the aims of the co-operation agreement is to assess the suitability of the Tarfaya oil shale for the Enefit technology, Eesti Energia said.

The agreement covers research and pilot tests to be carried out by Enefit as well as designing services and in the later phases of the project also the supply of equipment for the planned Enefit280 shale oil production plant and support in its launch.

San Leon is planning a commercial retort operation for the production of oil and electricity from the Tarfaya oil shale which is estimated to contain 500 million barrels of oil.

Eesti Energia started hot commissioning of the first shale oil plant using the Enefit280 technology at the end of July. The factory is expected to produce the first batch of oil in September, the company said.

Eesti Energia has studied Morocco’s oil shale reserves earlier, too, carrying out research in the Aghbala and Errachidia deposits in 2010. As the oil shale in those deposits was found not to be of sufficient quality for commercially viable processing, the project was wound up.

Source: Estonian Review

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