BLRT interested in construction of Lithuanian nuclear plant

The head of the Estonian shipbuilding and industrial holding BLRT Grupp, Fjodor Berman, said in an interview with Eesti Päevaleht that BLRT is very much interested in performing various works in the construction of the new nuclear power plant in Lithuania. “Specialists from Hitachi have already visited our plants in Lithuania and the possibilities that we have surprised them positively,” Berman told the newspaper.

Berman also said BLRT was interested in the Russian nuclear plant to be built near Kaliningrad. “Right now we’re examining possibilities, holding negotiations. We have the desire, let’s see what possibilities there will be,” he said.

The major projects BLRT is working on now include several gas plants, said Berman. A new gas plant with an annual capacity of 70 million cubic meters of gas is due ready in north-eastern Estonia in the fall. Projects to build gas plants are also under work in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine, and Liepaja, Latvia.

Other large investments by BLRT include the establishment of a service and logistics centre for metal products in Riga and the development of the Peetri Port property in central Tallinn into a centre for cultural facilities, or the so-called Noblessner quarter.

Source: Estonian Review

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