President: there is still arrogant attitude towards us in Western Europe

Estonian president Toomas Hendrik Ilves criticized the still arrogant stance of some Western countries’  towards the supposedly primitive and ignorant East.

“In some Western European countries there is still arrogant attitude towards the supposedly primitive and ignorant East. It is pretty frustrating to see that when you follow all the rules of the game, the ones who discredited you, themselves violate the rules,” said Ilves in an interview to the Austrian daily newspaper Die Presse.

Ilves brought an example of unfairly small grants given to Estonian farmers compared to those given to Western European countries.

“Look at the EU’s agricultural policy. How do you explain the fact that we have a common internal market for tractors, seed and fertilizers and on the other hand, EU old members receive three times higher farm subsidies than Baltic countries fromBrussels? Or the fact that the EU’s diplomatic service is hardly represented by Eastern Europeans?

It is true that Poland and Estonia are currently treated well – but it is so only because media prefers to portray extraordinary. Responsibility in matters of money in those days seems to be an unusual round. Unfortunately. ”

Regarding the financial crises in Greek Ilves said that Estonian politicians acted responsibly and in solidarity, but in a long term it is not acceptable in terms of democracy that a poor country is helping a rich country out of trouble. Voters will not accept that. He added that Estonian GDP per capita is smaller than in Greece. Our average monthly income is 10-15 percent lower than Greek minimum salary; let alone pensions.

Source: tabloid; original source, Die Presse


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