Security market up 4.7 pct to 117 mEUR

On the basis of a study of the Estonian Security Association, in 2011 the sum total of the Estonian security market was nearly 117 million euros, 4.7% bigger than in 2010. It appears from the study carried out one year earlier that the volume of security services and products contracted 6.3% compared with 2009.

The association said that compared with 2010 the security market was improving from its low thanks to growth in the technical sphere, referring to the nearly 5% growth of the security market last year.

Of the companies operating in the security sphere, G4S brought the biggest revenue, 46.3% of the security services sphere. Securitas Estonia Eesti followed it by 7.3% and USS Security Eesti AS with 7.1%.

Companies operating in the security services sphere provided jobs to more than 5 600 people in 2011, 2% fewer than in 2010.  Of these, 4 602 people carried out duties of security staff and 312 people were involved in installing equipment, respectively 0.5 and 18% fewer than in 2010.

There were 27 companies providing security services and selling products took part in the poll. They account for about 87% of the market turnover.

Source: Estonian Review