160 electric car charging points announced

On Thursday Estonia’s Kredex made public the locations of 160 electric cars charging points; of these 60 will be located at highways and 100 in inhabited areas. Mirja Adler, the Kredex electric cars project leader, said at the presentation of the charging points that 60 charging stations would come to all the main highways and side roads suitable for the network.

The remaining charging points will be located in inhabited areas of more than 5 000 residents and in cities, for example in tourist settlements such as Otepää and in settlements on highways.

Charging stations will also be built at the Tallinn, Rohuküla, Heltermaa, Virtsu, and Kuivastu ports. “We picked the locations depending on traffic density and convenient use in order to ensure a sense of security for the users,” Adler said.

At the moment surveying of the locations is underway and the grid company will build the charging infrastructure up to the accession point. After that Kredex will carry out a public procurement tender for building the charging points.

AS ABB, which made a 6.6 million euro bid to the respective procurement tender, will start building the rapid charging stations in the summer.

Source: Estonian Review