Eesti Post expands to Lithuania

The state-owned Estonian postal company Eesti Post has begun setting up a network of outdoor self-service parcel terminals under the Post24 brand in Lithuania.

“This week parcel terminals will be set up in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda and Siauliai. They have already been installed in Alytus, Marijampole and Mazeikiai. The network of Post24 parcel terminals will gradually start working in February. We will set up altogether 35 parcel terminals all over Lithuania,” chief of the logistics division of Eesti Post Ansi Arumeel said.

The locations for the terminals in towns across Lithuania, mostly at shopping malls and filling stations, were chosen based on the presence of potential customers. “Initially it will be possible to send parcels from one terminal to another. Later courier delivery will be added and plans are to unite the Post24 terminals in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania into a common network in the near future, enabling the sending of parcels from one country to another,” Arumeel said.

The terminals used are manufactured by the Polish company Integer, for which this is their core activity.

Post24 self-service terminals were first launched in Estonia. They are now being launched in Lithuania and later on in Latvia. In total Eesti Post is planning to install more than 100 parcel terminals working 24 hours a day in the three Baltic countries.

Source: Estonian Review


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