Cereal production grew 14 pct in 2011

Estonia’s cereal production in 2011 amounted to 771 900 tons, 14% more than in the preceding year, preliminary figures released by Statistics Estonia show.

The production of wheat, barley and rye increased year on year. Of total cereal output, wheat made up 360 400 tons, barley 294 400 tons and rye 30 900 tons. The sown area of cereals was 297 200 hectares, an 8% bigger area than in 2010. The sown area of wheat was 128 500 hectares, the largest such figure in the last thirty years. The sown area of barley increased the most, by 13%, and amounted to 118 100 hectares. In spite of that, the sown area of barley was the smallest during the last thirty years with the exception of 2010.

The yield of legumes was 15 500 tons and the average per hectare yield was 1 807 kilograms. Legumes were sown on 8 600 hectares, which is the largest sown area of legumes in the last three decades.

The size of the potato crop in 2011 was 150 900 tons, 8% less than in 2010. Three years ago the sown area of potatoes dropped under 10 000 hectares and it comprised 9 300 hectares in 2011. The average yield of potatoes was 16 284 kilograms per hectare.

In the autumn of 2011, 52 700 hectares of winter wheat, 12 200 hectares of rye and 4 700 hectares of triticale were sown for harvesting in 2012.

Source: Estonian Review

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