Households spend 3 pct of budget on culture

According to Statistics Estonia, households spent 230 euros, or three percent of their income, on culture in 2010.

The biggest share of the households’ expenditures on culture are to printed products and other such expenditures (equipment etc). On both of these spheres households spend an average of 86 euros a year or 37 percent of all the expenditures on culture. Expenditures on audiovisual art and music follow with an average of 37 euros a year; expenditures on live performances (average 15 euros a year) and visual arts (average five euros a year) coming next. The smallest share is made up by residents’ expenditures on museum and exhibition tickets (about two euros a year).

The share of the Estonians’ expenditures on culture is similar to the average indicator for the European Union (four percent). The expenditures on culture are the highest in Denmark, Finland and in the Czech Republic, where they account for five percent of the households’ total expenditures. Also Latvia and Poland are ahead of Estonia, while countries such as Spain, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg and Belgium remain behind Estonia in terms of expenditures on culture.

If generally the expenditures on culture are showing a rising trend, then there are some differences in the expenditures of some museum and exhibition tickets, or on cultural heritage. These expenditures were small and more irregular until the year 2006 when the KUMU art museum was opened. This gave a considerable impetus to museum visits and accordingly to the expenditures made.

Source: Estonian Review