Three quarters of manufacturing goods sold locally

According to Statistics Estonia, in May 2011 the production of industrial enterprises grew 26% compared to May of the previous year. If during the last eight months the production grew around 30%, then in May the growth of industrial production slightly slowed down compared to May of the previous year.

The growth of production has been mainly influenced by the increase in external demand as previously, but the domestic demand also increased compared to May of the previous year.

In May 2011, the production of manufacturing increased by nearly a third compared to May 2010. Export sales of the manufacturing production grew significantly (62%). About three quarters of the whole production of manufacturing was sold on the external market. The demand on the domestic market was continually lower – the domestic sales increased 21% compared to May of the previous year.

In May, the production exceeded the volume of the same month of the previous year in most branches of industry. Manufacturing of electronic products, which increased by three times compared to May of the previous year, influenced the growth in production the most. The branches holding bigger shares were also the manufacturing of wood, food and metal products where the production grew 12%, 6% and 18%, respectively. With respect to the branches of manufacturing holding smaller shares, the production increased considerably in the manufacturing of chemicals mainly due to the increase in exports.

In May 2011 compared to April, the seasonally adjusted industrial production as well as manufacturing decreased 2%.

In May 2011 compared to May 2010, the production of electricity increased 2% and the production of heat increased 3%.

Trends of production in branches of industry, January 2002 – May 2011 (2005 = 100)

Diagram: Trends of production in branches of industry, January 2002 – May 2011 (2005 = 100)

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Estonia set new heat record for 2011

A new heat record for Estonia for the summer of 2011 was recorded on Friday at 31.7 degrees Celsius, measured at the weather station of Narva-Jõesuu in the country’s northeast.

The previous record for this summer dates from 7 June, when an air temperature of 31 degrees was recorded at the weather station of Pakri on the north-western coast.

On Friday an air temperature of over 30 degrees was also recorded in the port town of Kunda on the north coast — 30.1 degrees. Air temperatures in Estonia are also forecast to climb above 30 degrees Celsius on Saturday. Starting from Sunday, relatively cooler weather is expected to set in, with day temperatures of up to 25 degrees.

The absolute heat record for Estonia is 35.6 degrees measured in the southern town of Võru on 11 August 1992.

Source: Estonian Review


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