Estonia 33rd out of 59 by competitiveness

Estonia placed 33rd by competitiveness in 2011, an improvement by one place as compared to last year, according to Switzerland-based IMD that published its traditional ranking of countries according to their competitiveness.

Lithuania was ranked 45th, while Latvia was not included in the list.

Estonia was on the 53rd position in regard to the state of economy (climbed 1 position in a year), on the 20th position in regard to efficiency of government (+4), 32nd position in regard to business effectiveness (+4) and 23rd position in regard to infrastructure level (-6). 

Economist Andres Arrak said in comment that Estonia’s score was so lack because of poor efficiency of economy and weak infrastructure.

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Ministry cuts university curriculum

Next year, the Ministry of Education is cutting state-commissioned university programs that fail to meet quality standards.

For example, students will no longer be able to study painting at the University of Tartu; Tallinn University will likely have to stop teaching theoretical physics; and the Võru County Vocational Training Center must consider why it offers degrees in the first place, wrote Postimees.

“All schools must determine what they are best at, and if that is clear, they must ask [in which subject] they could be the best in the world,” said Minister of Education Jaak Aaviksoo. “The desire just to teach something is no longer enough,” he added.

During the evaluation process, the Maritime Academy turned out to be one of the most problematic universities, where a total of three specialty programs will be shut down, said Mart Laidmets, head of the Higher Education Department at the ministry.

The total amount of the cutbacks will be determined by next week.

Source: ERR News