Ericsson increases production volumes

Ericsson Eesti, which launched production of 4G data communication support stations at its Tallinn facility in May, has increased production volumes and is planning growth also for next year. “Growth in the volume of the stations has been an aim and this has taken place as planned,” Veiko Sepp, board chairman of Ericsson Eesti, told BNS. “It depends first and foremost on our clients’ orders, but demand for broadband equipment is high and this allows us to look optimistically into the future. We have certainly given our contribution to the growth of Estonian export,” Sepp said. The company doesn’t wish to disclose the accurate production volume figures.
Ericsson launched production of 4G data communication network equipment in May and achieved full capacity in August. Ericsson took over the former Elcoteq facility in Tallinn in summer 2009.
Ericsson Eesti exports a large proportion of the 4G equipment, but some of it remains also on the local market.
According to Statistics Estonia information, export of goods from Estonia grew 47% in current prices compared with the same month last year. Export into Sweden grew 2.2-fold, mainly thanks to the export of electrical machines and installations.

Source: Estonian Review