No airBaltic campaigns to Estonians

Latvian airline airBaltic announced today that it was going to temporarily exclude Estonia from its sales campaigns because of the ongoing dispute with the Estonian consumer protection authority.

The airline said that its upcoming sales campaigns will temporarily exclude flights from Tallinn and Tartu until airBaltic receives clear guidelines from the Consumer Protection Board on such campaigns.

Jānis Vanags, Vice President of airBaltic, said in comment that the airline would like to receive full and clear guidelines from the Estonian customer watchdog on such sales campaigns. “But we do not want to have a situation in the future where our Estonian customers are the only ones in the EU to receive confusing messages from their customer watchdog about airBaltic’s sales campaigns,” said Vanags.

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Harju Elekter more than doubles earnings

The listed Estonian electrical equipment manufacturer AS Harju Elekter earned a net profit of 13.2 million kroons (EUR 0.9 mln) in the third quarter of this year, which marks a 2.3-fold increase over the same period in 2009.
Operating earnings of Harju Elekter in the three-month period jumped 2.4-fold to 14.3 million kroons, the company told the stock exchange. Net earnings per share totalled 0.78 kroons compared with 0.34 kroons in the third quarter of last year.
Consolidated sales revenue came to 173.7 million kroons in the third quarter, signalling a year-on-year increase of 44%.
Net profit for the first nine months of the year doubled from the same period last year to 31.3 million kroons. Sales revenue meanwhile dropped 7.6% to 438.2 million kroons.
On the group’s home markets, or in Estonia, Lithuania and Finland, 84.6% of products and services were sold, against 93.6% a year ago. Just like in the corresponding period in 2009, 65% of products and services were sold outside of Estonia.
This year, France, the Czech Republic and Malaysia have been added as new markets and the group has sold its products to those markets for 26.7 million kroons during the nine months. It has also sold its products to Latvia, Portugal and Poland, and outside of the European Union to Belarus, Ukraine, Russia and Norway.
In the third quarter an average 421 people were employed by Harju Elekter, compared with 448 a year ago. Of the employees 270 were working in Estonia, 69 in Lithuania and 82 in Finland.
The core business of the group is the production and sale of electrical distribution systems and control panels, which accounted for almost 90% of revenues.

Source: Estonian Review