Orkla Group companies market Kalev products

Several companies of the Norwegian Orkla group market products of the Estonian Kalev Chocolate Factory in the Baltic countries, Russia and the Nordic countries.
Kaido Kaare, CEO of Kalev Chocolate Factory, told BNS that in order to increase export volumes Kalev had started to co-operate with several companies of the Orkla Group. “Our most important export target countries are the Baltic countries, Russia and the Nordic countries.”
Kaare said that Kalev had launched co-operation with the Finnish Panda sweetmeats producer. “In the framework of that co-operation, Panda markets Kalev’s products in Finland and Kalev respectively Panda’s products in Estonia.”
In the St. Petersburg area of Russia, Kalev launched co-operation with Krupskaya, a company in the Orkla group. “Via Krupskaya’s contacts Kalev has wider opportunities to get its products into the assortment of big Russian retail chains.”
He said that Kalev had established its first contacts also with K’oKo’, a company of the Orkla group operating in the Czech Republic.
From November 1 Spilva, a fruits and vegetable processor in the Orkla Group, will take over Kalev products’ distribution, sale and marketing operations in Latvia.
Orkla acquired Kalev Chocolate Factory this May.

Source: Estonian Review


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