IT College to start training cyber defence specialists

A course for the training of cyber defence specialists will be set up at the Estonian Information Technology College with support by European Structural Funds; the first interested people can register themselves into study groups starting in November.
An applied cyber defence study module was first set up for administrators of local governments’ and business sector IT systems, the IT college said. The module is intended for second and third year students and people in in-service training who have experience in the administration if IT systems. “The duration of the project is five years. During that period more than 80 proficiency level students and more than 100 IT system administrators will acquire the necessary skills,” project leader of the study module Signe Ventsel said. She said that as a result of the training the cyber defence security of the IT systems of the Estonian public sector would grow, and e-services meant for the public would become more secure.
Information security specialists of the state Information Systems Development Centre have been involved in the project called into existence in co-operation with higher education schools and companies. The cyber defence study module will be regularly updated with the assistance of CERT Eesti (Computer Emergency Response Team Estonia) and of private companies, which will make it possible for specialists who have passed the syllabus two or more years ago to update their knowledge. An innovative distance lab for carrying out cyber defence studies will be created in the framework of the project.
Toomas Lepik, an information security expert of CERT Estonia, said that the biggest benefit of the project was that IT it trains specialists who already work. “In our daily work we see a need for upgrading of IT specialists who administer systems of the state and of the private sector. The systems have become more and more complicated in pace with the development of technology. IT specialists have to be in line with the most recent developments in the information security sphere in order to protect their own systems and those of their users.
The cyber defence study model relies on the cyber security strategy for the years 2008-2013 that was set up by the Defence Ministry. Students of the IT College and IT specialists of local governments and businesses can acquire knowledge in the study module created by the project.

Source: Estonian Review


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